Monday, March 10, 2008


Pam and I took Todd's Honda Element, a.k.a. The Elephant, and headed up to the Space Coast for the first official Time Trial AND Team Time Trial of the year. Todd had to work this particular Saturday, which never happens, so he wasn't able to join the Girls for a little TT fun but we assured him we could handle it on our own.

TEST #1: I left the house at 5am in The Elephant to go pick up Pam for the day and noticed my cell phone battery was drained. I must have forgotten to charge it but that's ok, Pam will have her phone, right? RIGHT buuuuut I was a little surprised when I arrived to pick her up to her telling me that Todd had been trying to call tell me that I had accidentally packed HIS cycling shoes, not mine! we loaded her bike and bags and drove back to my house to swap the shoes...oh and grab my cell phone charger. (Yeah, I've done this before!)

TEST #2: Did you bring the directions? Yeah, uh no, they're on my desk at home! Grab those when you get your shoes...

TEST #3: We did actually arrive, about 30 minutes later than projected, but without any wrong turns. The directions were good, at least! So a quick pick up of race numbers, stop off at the port-o-potty and it's time to get ready to race. We decided to pump up the race wheels and discs since, of all things, that would be our biggest challenge of the day. We did it...not easily and not without a little stress, but we did it!

Then, presto- chango girls in skin suits head out to warm up. And I'm ready and Pam's ready...the 2 of us are doing the individual 20k time trial...It's time for the final step...

TEST #4: ...change the wheels...thank goodness Pam had taught me well years ago so this one was no problem! I did it and we were ready to go.

As we roll up to the line to start the TT our record against the tasks of the day to get us here to the starting line is 2-2...speaking for myself, I can say all of that was forgotten and I looked forward to around twently-eight minutes of suffering, better knows as the Time Trial, my favorite event in cycling. Weird, but true. Pam starts right after me. The wind was strong, which is normal in Florida, but I felt good and as I crossed the line, I was happy. Pam crossed shortly after me and, based on her full-time Mommy job and 20 miles per week of training, I'd say she too had a stellar ride. Next up: Team Time Trial...and we're the only girl team!

More than anything, though, for me, it was a fabulous day with my best friend and that's what I remember more about this day. As far as I'm concerned, we got a 100%...100% of FUN that is!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Burrito Boy

Congrats to my Honey Bunny...he is the lucky winner of a year's supply of Chipolte burritos!!! REALLY- Todd won 52 Chipolte burritos in a register to win contest at the grand opening of the store by our house. They couldn't have chosen a better winner as Todd already eats burritos almost every single day and most of them are Chipolte...only down side for the company is that they might notice a significant drop in revenues during the time Todd uses his freebies. What are the chance, right? Apparently, pretty good! Nice going Burrito Boy!!!


The day before the Tour of California crit, Carmen had us race the Norland Corporate Criterium as our first chance to the season to practice our leadout. Of course the main objective was to win the race but we wanted to do so by properly executing a leadout. Several pro teams had a presence in the race, although the field wasn't more than 25 riders. The Colavita girls were quite active, attacking over and over again but our Aaron's foursome of me, Meredith, Erica and Anna, shut them all down. In the end, we organize our leadout with me going first, followed by Meredith and finally Anna delivering Erica through the last corner. As you can see, Erica easily dusted the comptition and Anna even rolled in for fourth! Nice!!!

The Hansley Brothers, performing LIVE and in concert in Gainesville

Doesn't it sound like these guys would be the next N'Sync? The Hansley Brothers, Matt and Seth Hansley, actually aren't a boy band. They are bike racers...but it sounds good, right! Matt's on the left, Todd in the middle and Seth on the right. They're lined up for the Pro-1-2 criterium in Gainesville, FL, our first local race weekend of the year. Unfortunately none of the three pulled of the W but we all agreed that it was good to have the first one under our belts.
Rebecca and I did the women's race and we pulled out a fantastic uphill sprint to take the race for Aarons. The women's field was HUGE for local race, include ANOTHER Hansley, little sister Christianne, and about 35 other women. Rebecca and I attacked a ton but the field seemed bent on chasing only us. With about 7 laps to go, I took control, riding tempo on the front, protecting Rebecca until it was time for her to sprint. Rebecca made me feel good after the race as she said, "I had to win the sprint; you did your job so I had to do mine!" I love racing with teammates and Rebecca is one of the best, a true pro. Here we are after the race and picking up our prize money! Next stop...Chipolte...and who's there too...none other than the Hansleys!