Friday, June 27, 2008

Montreal...oh Montreal...

So thanks to these people, I somehow survived the week of racing in Montreal. The weather wasn't so great, the culture was shocking and, well, I had my hands full on the bike every single day. I'm sure I raced harder than anyone as I spent way too much time in the wind and not protected by the draft of the peleton AND I climbed past fifty or so riders to make the front group of thirty. C'est la vie (HA!) as the French Canadians would say. First is Christina, only the best psychotherapist (soingier) in the world of pro cycling. Next is comic relief Brian (mechanic). Final, my team at the final banquet (of which scaled down version where held each night, most mandatory, after the traditional "shower" at a local school, not mandatory but highly coveted). I had TWO glasses of wine in celebration of my survival of what turned out to be easily the most challenging and stressful week of bike racing of my career!

Can't add much to further describe my time in Montreal besides UNBELIEVABLE. Looking forward to Philly!!!!!