Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here Ya Go, ERICA!

LOVE YA - MEAN IT! Sorry Meredith but Erica made me do it...and this is, although entirely too short, really priceless! To everyone else, I would like to introduce to you Erica Allar and her back up dancer, Meredith Miller. Tour of California was our first NRC team race of the year and, well, let's say, everyone really came out of their shells!!!

(NOTE: If you know how to turn this the right way, please leave me a comment, otherwise, sorry you had to turn your head to the left to appreciate this all-to-short exhibition.)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meet the Nico-MONSTER

This is my Christmas present to Todd last year. I picked him out myself and thought he was a good choice because he had big ears that made him cuter than all the other little Boxers...well, like they say about puppies with big feet, the same apparently holds true for big ears...he grew from an adorable 8 pounder into over ten times that in just one year! We named him Nico, after the Belgian cyclist Nico Matan. Today he's easily pushing 100 pounds...and always on the edge of out of control...hense, the Nico-MONSTER! But, of course, we love him!