Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hobe Sound Elementary YOU'RE My Favorite!

The fourth graders at Hobe Sound Elementary are some of the nicest boys and girls I have ever met...and I visit schools all over the United States! Part of my commitment to my life as a professional cyclist is to share my passion for cycling and teach boys and girls about important bicycle safety. On Friday, December 12th, I was invited by Assistant Principal Mrs. Harvey to visit her school and share the job I love: bike racing! All of the children were so polite and very prepared. They asked me many really good questions and paid close attention to my bicycle safety information. All of the fourth graders will ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WEAR A HELMET when they go on a bike ride and they now know how to properly adjust their helmets!
In addition, the fourth graders learned about how important it is in my life as a professional cyclist to be a good WRITER, not just a good RIDER! We talked about the many ways I use my writing skills and how being a good writer has helped me in my cycling career. Almost all of the boys and girls I talked to ride bikes and all of them are passionate about something like I'm passionate about racing my bike. After my visit, the fourth grader went back to their classrooms to write about something each of them is passionate about. All the writings will be handed in to Mrs. Harvey who will read them all and award a new helmet from my team, Aaron's Corporate Furnishings Women's Professional Cycling Team, to each of the top FIFTY writers!!!

Good Luck Hobe Sound Elementary Fourth Graders
Keep Pedaling Your Bike
Wear Your Helmet

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