Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Local Racing in the FLA

After being home for a mere 36 hours, Todd and I jumped in the elephant (a.k.a Green Honda Element) and headed up I-95 for a weekend of local racing in Sanford, FL. I'm tired but it was fun for sure ... I showed off my new kit and got some good work and speed in the men's races and Todd's team, Santo Cycling Team, dominated by winning both days! It was a great weekend away with my Honeybunny, just what the doctor ordered since we were apart on Valentine's Day!!! What could be more romantic than flying around some small town in Central Florida on 23X700s?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back from VAC Camp

Gosh there's a lot to report for my nearly two weeks in Northern California at the ValueAct Capital Women's Professional Cycling Team training camp.  I'm not even sure where to begin...so let's start with the team:  ten awesome and talented women, one fearless leader and one very brave man who will spend the season with eleven women through stress, drama, tragedy and triumph!  At camp, we got a taste of the team dynamics and chemistry and it's obvious we're solid as a rock.  I'm one of three newcomers to the VAC team and I've never felt so welcome.  In a matter of days, my new teammates started to feel like old friends.  It was an easy week in miserable weather filled with great training, sponsor product education and promotion and a sloppy messy crit in the rain.  We're solid, bonded and looking forward to putting people under pressure...then stepping on their necks!  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lisa the FAAAHHHHBULOS, DahlinG!

Today I had a 3 hour training ride with climbing and, being that I'm in Northern California, I'm in the place to get-r-done, right?  Yeah, ok so on paper YES but today in Fairfax it was 45 degrees and overcast...and then it got worse.  As we climbed Mt. Tam (over and over again) we actually reached right up into the clouds.  The fog was so thick, visibility was around 10 feet and the wind was strong enough to see the clouds moving across the road in front of me!  The icing on the cake, truly, was that on the top half of the mountain we also had the pleasure of rain!   So conditions were epic for me, for sure, and I really didn't even care because I love going uphill and I never get to do it! But the super star of the day was my new director on the ValueAct Capital team, Lisa Hunt, who put up with this insane weather on a ride she really didn't have to go on.  Her company, and navigation skills, were top-notch and I really appreciate her faaaaaaahhhhhhhbulousness, DahlihG! 

Monday, January 12, 2009

VAC and Proud!

Officially, on January 1, 2009, I became a proud member of the ValueAct Capital Women's Professional Cycling Team!!! I'm new to them, an already a stellar group of some of the best women bike racers in America today. I'm looking forward to a fabulous season, taking on a big schedule of stage racing and more so keep in touch! More to come for sure...