Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Local Racing in the FLA

After being home for a mere 36 hours, Todd and I jumped in the elephant (a.k.a Green Honda Element) and headed up I-95 for a weekend of local racing in Sanford, FL. I'm tired but it was fun for sure ... I showed off my new kit and got some good work and speed in the men's races and Todd's team, Santo Cycling Team, dominated by winning both days! It was a great weekend away with my Honeybunny, just what the doctor ordered since we were apart on Valentine's Day!!! What could be more romantic than flying around some small town in Central Florida on 23X700s?


HELL(cat) ON WHEELS said...

Saw one of your girls in "my town" this past weekend at the Greenville Spinners Spring Series. I said to my fiance' "Hey, I read some girl's blog that is on that team!" Good to see her in our neck of the woods!

Lisa Hunt said...

Looking good!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG girl, do you ever stop? We, Dick, Carol, Chuckie and Maggie are sooooo proud of you!
Can't wait to see you no matter what the uniform may be, the chick in it "Rocks the World"
Can't wait for Redlands,
Chuckies' MoM

kathy said...

Hey Kristin how are you? Miss your smiling face. Got a new horse. Also a new email- katscarberry@gmail.com looks like everything is going great for you!