Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lisa the FAAAHHHHBULOS, DahlinG!

Today I had a 3 hour training ride with climbing and, being that I'm in Northern California, I'm in the place to get-r-done, right?  Yeah, ok so on paper YES but today in Fairfax it was 45 degrees and overcast...and then it got worse.  As we climbed Mt. Tam (over and over again) we actually reached right up into the clouds.  The fog was so thick, visibility was around 10 feet and the wind was strong enough to see the clouds moving across the road in front of me!  The icing on the cake, truly, was that on the top half of the mountain we also had the pleasure of rain!   So conditions were epic for me, for sure, and I really didn't even care because I love going uphill and I never get to do it! But the super star of the day was my new director on the ValueAct Capital team, Lisa Hunt, who put up with this insane weather on a ride she really didn't have to go on.  Her company, and navigation skills, were top-notch and I really appreciate her faaaaaaahhhhhhhbulousness, DahlihG! 

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