Friday, February 20, 2009

Back from VAC Camp

Gosh there's a lot to report for my nearly two weeks in Northern California at the ValueAct Capital Women's Professional Cycling Team training camp.  I'm not even sure where to let's start with the team:  ten awesome and talented women, one fearless leader and one very brave man who will spend the season with eleven women through stress, drama, tragedy and triumph!  At camp, we got a taste of the team dynamics and chemistry and it's obvious we're solid as a rock.  I'm one of three newcomers to the VAC team and I've never felt so welcome.  In a matter of days, my new teammates started to feel like old friends.  It was an easy week in miserable weather filled with great training, sponsor product education and promotion and a sloppy messy crit in the rain.  We're solid, bonded and looking forward to putting people under pressure...then stepping on their necks!  

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