Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Hansley Brothers, performing LIVE and in concert in Gainesville

Doesn't it sound like these guys would be the next N'Sync? The Hansley Brothers, Matt and Seth Hansley, actually aren't a boy band. They are bike racers...but it sounds good, right! Matt's on the left, Todd in the middle and Seth on the right. They're lined up for the Pro-1-2 criterium in Gainesville, FL, our first local race weekend of the year. Unfortunately none of the three pulled of the W but we all agreed that it was good to have the first one under our belts.
Rebecca and I did the women's race and we pulled out a fantastic uphill sprint to take the race for Aarons. The women's field was HUGE for local race, include ANOTHER Hansley, little sister Christianne, and about 35 other women. Rebecca and I attacked a ton but the field seemed bent on chasing only us. With about 7 laps to go, I took control, riding tempo on the front, protecting Rebecca until it was time for her to sprint. Rebecca made me feel good after the race as she said, "I had to win the sprint; you did your job so I had to do mine!" I love racing with teammates and Rebecca is one of the best, a true pro. Here we are after the race and picking up our prize money! Next stop...Chipolte...and who's there too...none other than the Hansleys!

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