Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hey Alison, we're in New Mexico!

The 2008 Tour of the Gila was last week and left this Florida girl feeling a little out of her element! Silver City, New Mexico, host of the race, resides in what is termed "the high desert." It's basically dry, dry and more dry...oh and with mountains...and tumbleweeds! Silver City's humidity is 9%- slightly lower than the 85+% we have at home in West Palm Beach. The town itself is an eclectic potpourri of free spirits of all ages from all walks of life. The downtown area looks as though time forgot it...a lot of time forgot it! Yet the coffee shops all offer free wi-fi and Issacs (restaurant and bar) offers a quite extensive wine list. We felt a bit like we might be in the twilight zone, especially the night when we dined in town, seated next to a group of about 15 of the hugest Harley dudes I've ever seen, when one of our three Canadians asked sincerely, "are we in New Mexico?" Love ya Alison- it was actually a really good question!

The race itself consisted of five stages, 3 of which were road stages and included substantial climbing and the other two being a time trial and a crit. Aside from my sinus longing for the tropics, things went quite well for me. I finished 6th overall, was in the top 10 every day and I even won my first-ever sprint bonus on the road! The Aaron's team had a great week too with Julie finishing in 8th and Felicia in 3rd and Alison taking 2nd in two stages. This is Julie at the top of the climb on the time trial course; the finish is 4 miles downhill toward the horizon.

A special thank you goes to the pharmacist at Super Wal-Mart who helped me turn my bedroom into a sauna with the help of a $12 Vicks Vaporizer!!! And thank goodness for Vaseline (use your imagination)!!!


Bill B said...

Hey Kristen, too bad your return to the roads of sunny south florida were marred by that terrible crash on saturday. how ya feeling? i can't believe how lucky you were to escape with so little bodily damage, the bike on the other hand-ouch! keep up the good riding and blogging. see ya on the road.

Anonymous said...

hope you're doing alright , read about your crash on cyclingnews.... hope to see you at philly week , dave and alison fischer

Anonymous said...

hope your ok from your crash read about it on cyclingnews. hopw to see you at philly week, dave and alison fischer