Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 4 Team Camp

On the four day, there was sun!!! So I don't have a lot of shots because we did quite a bit of riding super-model style....meaning we rode in 2-by-2 fashion showing off our Specialized Ruby S-Works bikes, SRAM groupos and Hincapie clothing :) Plug Plug Plug! Anyway, other than riding, we did a lot of what you see here...this became known as "study hall" as at one point there were no less than nine laptops on line, cyclist pecking way at its keys. Everything from homework to research data entry to BLOGGING got done in study hall. Erica finishes some Spanish homework, Catherine graded some homework, I blogged and emails from all the laptops flew literally all over the world from our little "study hall!"

Apparently, I had the heat turned up too high last night because Kat's hair looked like this when she work up- my hair cannot do this!

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Carmen said...

Good stuff, I was there and still loved reading about it! Miss you!
Carmen (aka Nellie May)