Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Posse

To know me is to know the posse....Pam, Shelley, me in the middle, Tawni and Tina....aka The Angels a la Charlie's Angels.  These are my girls!!!  We're at a fabulous Christmas Party hosted by Tina's boyfriend Ken.  I sort of talked Ken into having the party and it really was a great night. Almost everyone that came is a cyclist or supporter of a cyclist so the atmosphere was casual, although the dress was anything but!

Thanks to my personal shopping assistants, my Mom and Dad, I wore a fabulous LBD (little black dress) with a satin tie at the shoulder.  My parents were so patient as I drug them all over the mall (one of my favorite off-season destinations) insistent on trying every possible party dress...only to buy the first one we saw!  Typical of me, Mom and Dad didn't even blink at that.  I wore pink and black jewelry and pink shoes; my husband Todd, being the great sport he is, agreed to wear a pink striped shirt to match me.  Hey, what do you expect, this is my Oscar night and I went all out!!!  Getting ready for the party was as much fun as the party itself! 

The most popular topic of conversation was definately the legendary Sunday Group Ride, better know as the Jupiter World Championships.   It was nice to see everyone dressed up and without helmets even though we talked mostly about riding our bikes!   Pam, Shelley, Tina and I do our best to give the guys a run for their money on Sundays and, in the meantime, I get in some great training.  Beating the boys is HUGE motivation and we thoroughly enjoy, especially Tina, doing our share of trash-talking.  These Sunday World Championships are a big deviation from the seriousness of my usual life as a professional cyclist but they've become my social life and so, as silly as it may seem, I love going on Sunday.  Soon I start traveling with Aaron's Corporate Furnishings Professional Cycling Team and I won't see The Girls much so, along with the Christmas Party, Sunday rides are my time in the off season to bond with the best friends a girl could have!!!

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shelshine said...

Congrats on the blog, it looks great. I will be checking it often. Thanks for including the "angels." Your the best!